All plans include:

  • Dedicated cloud resources
  • Full customization control
  • Lightning-fast NVMe storage
  • High availability and redundancy
  • Easy resource scalability
  • 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Take Full Advantage of Win Products with our Windows VPS solutions!

  • Full control over the environment
  • Guaranteed performance and uptime
  • 100% Automated
  • Get Your Server Up In 30 Seconds
  • Full Root Access
  • 10Gbps Redundant Network
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Scalable resources

Build Your Own Cloud VPS

Your Windows VPS

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Your Windows VPS Extras

  • 1 CPU core
  • 1GB RAM
  • 10GB SSD
  • 50GB R1soft backup space
  • Professional services 15 min.

What is a Windows VPS?

Every virtual private server comes with guaranteed system resources, which include processing power (CPU), operating memory (RAM), disk space, and bandwidth. In order to support its functionalities, the VPS needs an operating system (OS).

Windows VPS solutions utilize services of the most popular OS out there, and as such, is the only that supports its proprietary products. This includes applications such as ASP.NET (web framework), IIS (server software), Sharepoint (website creation), Microsoft Exchange (mail server), and many more.

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How does a Windows VPS work?

ScalaHosting offers Microsoft fans resource-rich, unmanaged VPS plans, where they can install the preferred operating system. Users can choose between several different Windows Server versions, and the actual configuration takes no more than a couple of minutes after your order.

Each client gets full root access and has complete control over the VPS environment. This allows users to fine-tune their server, and install the Microsoft products they see fit.

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Customize Your Windows VPS Server

Our Windows hosting solutions are all about flexibility and giving the client freedom to customize their machine.

As this is a self-managed environment, you can initially build a server with a wide range of resources - CPU (4 - 24 cores), RAM (8 - 64 GB), and SSD disk space (240 - 2000 GB). Your server is completely scalable, which allows you to adapt your resources to your current needs.

To stay close to your target audience, you also have a wide choice of datacenters spread across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Windows VPS solutions have a variety of use cases, but they are mainly the go-to choice for webmasters that work with Microsoft products. There is no better environment for such tasks and the integrations with different services is practically seamless. Use a Windows VPS to run .NET technologies, Exchange mail servers, and other proprietary Microsoft apps.

  • While prices may vary between hosting providers, Windows VPS plans are usually more expensive than their Linux server counterparts. This is mainly because of the licensing costs involved - both for the operating system and any additional apps you might want to utilize.

  • While there is no definitive answer to the question whether a Windows VPS would be better than a Linux VPS, you can easily make your choice based on your own requirements. Linux distributions are generally more customizable and inherently secure, but if you plan to use any Microsoft-specific product - Windows hosting is the only way to go.