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ScalaHosting: A Leader in Web Hosting Technology

When we started in 2007, our mission was to make VPS hosting a resource that anyone - students,
developers, business and large-scale teams - can use to build amazing things on the web. That's
why we've worked hard to make the cloud secure, scalable and easy to manage.


We believe VPS should be high-
performance, ultra-secure, and low-cost.

Every website owner in the world can finally have their own cloud VPS
with a control panel, daily backups snapshots, fully managed by
experts 24/7/365 for just $29.95 per month.

There isn't any other company in the world which can
match that offer right now.

Low cost

Our #1 Goal: Our Clients must
be happy no matter what.

At ScalaHosting, we guarantee absolute satisfaction. For 2019,
our customer satisfaction was 99%+.

We intend to keep it that way. We'll do whatever it takes
to make it right for you.

Absolute satisfaction

World-class in-house solutions
powering the future of web hosting.

Every day our internal RD department focuses on changing the status
quo in the web hosting industry.

In the last 4 years we made that possible by developing the SPanel control
, SShield, and the cloud management platform which orchestrates the
cloud clusters of Scala Hosting worldwide.

RD Department

Build and Grow on the hosting that's faster, safer, and scalable.

Get started in minutes or contact our award-winning 24/7/365 expert support.

SEE PLANS Anytime money-back guarantee.

ScalaHosting Awards and Reviews

It’s simple. Since we released our proprietary technology, critics and web hosting authorities now consistently rank us as the top hosting provider worldwide. While the biggest hosting providers rest on their laurels, we lead the future of cloud hosting.

Best VPS
Best VPS

by Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout can be always found on page one of Google for anything related to WordPress web design, and web development.

Best Cloud Providers (2023)

With more than 8 million unique visitors Guru99 is the post popular IT-related media in India. They also rank our SPanel as #1 cPanel/WHM alternative.

Best WordPress VPS 2023
Best WordPress VPS 2023

by WPBeginner

WPBeginner has been testing our managed VPS for more than a year before giving us their blessing. And here we are - among their Top-5 Best WordPress VPS hosting compared list. Why? Because we made the VPS easy to manage and that's what the WordPress beginners really love about our SPanel.

Best UK web hosting services of 2023

Techradar is the world’s largest IT-related media with more than 35 million returning visitors every month. Founded in the UK, Techradar pay specific focus to what’s going in England, which makes us particularly proud with this recognition.

Best cluster hosting provider 2023

Founded in 2012, ThemeIsle is among the top online resources for anything related to WordPress. In this review, they dived into the deep waters of cloud cluster hosting, and that's how they found ScalaHosting.

Best Web Hosting Company
Best Web Hosting Company

by Top Consumer Reviews

The name says it all! Top Consumer Reviews. As members of the Better Business Bureau, they support honesty and fairness throughout the business community.

Top-Rated VPS Host

Quoted: "Impressive managed VPS hosting"
By Mike Williams (Chief Editor at PCMag)

Best Managed VPS for SME 2023

With over 1 million visitors every month, Geekflare produces high-quality technology articles aimed at web developers, software geeks, and engineers. It has a very specific audience with very high expectations, making this recognition even more valuable.

Best Cloud Hosting 2023

by HostingAdvice

HostingAdvice is undoubtedly one of the top hosting authorities globally. This, among other recognition from them are very special to us.

Best Cloud Hosting 2023

Digital.com, and their flagship WhoIsHostingThis, are major players in the industry. Both Digital and WhoIsHostingThis feature ScalaHosting in their “Best Web Hosting Providers of 2023.”

Best WordPress Hosting

WPJohnny is one of the most popular WordPress resources out there and you won't find random hosting providers in this prestigious list.

Best WordPress Hosting
Best WordPress Hosting

by Online Media Masters

Tom Dupuis, who runs Onlinemediamasters.com is one of the most unbiased bloggers we will ever know. You’ll find 0 links on his blog to any of the “mainstream” hosting companies.

WebHostingSecretRevealed carried out a meticulously detailed comparison to assess which hosting provider has the best VPS service in terms of speed, performance, support, flexibility, pricing, UX, and security, ranking ScalaHosting as the “best alternative for a cPanel VPS Host.”

Interviewed by Website Planet

by Website Planet

Website Planet is a collaboration of people from all around the world with the sole purpose of helping web designers and developers find what they are looking for. They are a group of experts who insist on working only with other experts and that's how we found each other.

Best VPS Hosting 2023
Best VPS Hosting 2023

by Bitcatcha

Bitcaptcha’s mission is to help small business owners increase their productivity and profit. They feature ScalaHosting as the “Best VPS with cPanel alternative” in their post “The 5 Best VPS Hosting Providers of 2023.”

Best Cloud VPS 2023

by Websiterating

Websiterating compared the top 9 global hosting providers in great detail to determine which one delivers the best VPS service, and ScalaHosting is ranked as #1.

Best web hosting services in 2023

A team of security researchers and investigative journalists regularly delves into previously unexplored depths of online security and privacy in order to shed light on stories that often have an unseen influence on the online world at large.

#1 Best VPS Hosting 2023

One of the first hosting directories, started back in 2004, WHTop has one of the largest collections of user reviews. It ranks ScalaHosting in first place for VPS web hosting.

Best VPS Hosting 2023
Best VPS Hosting 2023

by HostingTribunal

HostingTribunal is an up-and-coming web hosting directory, currently maintaining the highest Alexa Rank in this segment. ScalaHosting has ranked in their “Best VPS Hosting Providers for 2023 (Analyzed & Compared)” list after being compared to hundreds of other VPS providers.

#2 VPS Hosting 2023
#2 VPS Hosting 2023

by Techjury

A rising star and among the fastest-growing websites in the review segment, Techjury has ranked ScalaHosting at #2 for VPS hosting after being an anonymous customer with us for more than six months.

Best Web Hosting for February 2023

ScalaHosting LLC has been selected by the FindBestHosts' editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 providers in the Best VPS Hosting category for February 2023.

Best VPS Hosting
Best VPS Hosting

by HostReview

Scala Hosting has been selected by the HostReview's editorial staff to be one of the Top 10 Hosts in the Best VPS Hosting category for February 2023

Best VPS
Best VPS

by Neil Patel

Neil Patel is recognized as a top influencer on the web by The Wall Street Journal, a top 10 online marketer by Forbes, and creator of one of the 100 most brilliant companies in the world by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Best cPanel Alternative

One of the first high authority recognition of SPanel. It helped us place our hosting control panel on the world map and helped millions of website owners to learn about the next big leap forward in the cloud hosting.

Best Email Hosting

Email hosting is a super competitive segment where not every media dares to step in and make rankings. For a second year in a row ScalaHosting is ranked by Techradar as one of the top-5 providers globally.

Best VPS Hosting
Best VPS Hosting

by CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg is an online application that provides eye-tracking tools such as Heat map, Scroll map, Overlay, and Confetti to track a website's operation. When industry experts praise industry experts, it’s the ultimate esteem.

Webnus is one of the top WordPress theme and plugin developers globally. We are proud to be among their Best WordPress Hosting Services list.

ScalaHosting Review Score, Recommended, 5 stars

by HTH.Guide

HTH.guide is a relatively new hosting comparison platform, but they are gaining popularity due to the unique approach of combining reviews from various sources and compiling a composite score for every provider.

Best WordPress Website Hosting

ThemeHunk helps businesses easily create beautiful websites, and they know very well what a good hosting service means.

“We used ScalaHosting to build our digital data-room and manage project files. The service was exceptional and we had 100% uptime! Keep up the good work, guys!”

General Director of Veolia Group Poland

Frédéric Faroche

“First I thought that SPanel is an alternative, but now I’m certain that it’s one of the best investments our company has ever made! I’ve migrated over 90 websites over to ScalaHosting and their support was fast and effective through the whole process.”

CEO at Serpact

Nikola Minkov

“I’ve seen it all and been through it all. (Hosting) It’s a complicated and frustrating world out there. I can say though, that throughout this journey to find the best host out there, ScalaHosting has not only met the mark, they have bent over backwards and upside-down to stand alone in the industry.”

Michael - picture
United States


“I've been with ScalaHosting since 2017, and found it a huge improvement over my 6 years on Bluehost. I've appreciated the personal support, the speed, and the ease of installing SSL certificates. For me, it's been a great host.”

United States

John Bach


Join the highest rated cloud hosting of 2023!

Try ScalaHosting for 30 days, worry-free. Your site will be up 99.99% of the time, faster and more secure than ever. Or we’ll fully refund you to the last cent. Guaranteed!

Creating a Safer, Faster Web For All

Even Google confirms that security is the biggest issue today. And with open-source platforms and
shared hosting, it's even easier for hackers to compromise sites.

We believe the shared hosting model is broken - it loads slower, ranks slower, it's much less secure.
And until Scalahosting, VPS providers were just not there yet on value...

Our proprietary solutions allow for lighting-fast load, security and easy server management now help
thousands of business worldwide to fully harness the web.

You're being overcharged for
hosting. So we fixed it.

The last 4 years, our CloudLab developed the following innovative
solutions which allowed every website owner to have a fully managed
SSD cloud VPS with a control panel compatible with cPanel, SShield
real-time security system and daily backups with 2 snapshots - all for a price that is
lower than the price for the cPanel license alone.

No overcharging

We take care of speed and reliability
so that you can focus on building
amazing experiences in the cloud.

The cloud clusters of ScalaHosting are having high availability and reliability,
without a single point of failure, and our IaaS solution is all automated
to achieve the highest possible uptime.

Combined with enterprise-grade SSD drives, your websites will
load almost instantly.

Speed and reliability

We never overload our servers.

Most web hosting providers are adding more and more accounts to
their servers to increase their profits and that way their servers become
overloaded, resulting in slow site loading, downtime and bad service.

We set strict limits and you get dedicated guaranteed resources. This
means more uptime, even faster load speeds, and more happy clients.

Never overload

We provide award-winning 24/7/365
customer support.

Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Our team is
there for you to resolve any issues you may have, any time.

Avg. Live chat response time: INSTANT

Avg. Ticket response time: 15 minutes

Absolute satisfaction

Build and Grow on the hosting that's faster, safer, and scalable.

Get started in minutes or contact our award-winning 24/7/365 expert support.

SEE PLANS Anytime money-back guarantee.

Meet Our Team

Our team is the key to our success. To keep developing cutting-edge solutions and experiences through innovation. To keep empowering entrepreneurs, giving them all the tools they need to set up, secure and grow their businesses.


The leaders driving our company culture, vision and success.

Vladislav Georgiev picture
Vladislav Georgiev
Co-founder, Chairman & CEO

“I have always been passionate about servers and building tools to make server management easy and efficient. After 20 years of experience I want to bring the hosting industry to the next level and make the Internet a safer place for everyone. That’s why I started building the SPanel all-in-one cloud management platform and the SShield cyber-security protection system. They allow every website owner to have their own fully managed VPS at the same price as shared hosting increasing security, scalability and speed. I love spending time with my family, riding my Repsol Honda at the track, going to the gym or coding a new great feature in SPanel that someone asked for an hour ago.”

Hristo Rusev picture
Hristo Rusev
Co-founder & CEO

Hristo is managing and growing the strategic partnerships and relationships with current and future investors. Before focusing 100% on growing ScalaHosting, Hristo was a successful entrepreneur and equity partner in various companies engaged in financial advisory and M&A. He also used to be a full-time Business Strategy Consultant for large corporations and financial institutions like Veolia, Dalkia, Skoda, Credit Suisse Group, and CEZ.

Lyubomir Lyubenov picture
Lyubomir Lyubenov
Co-founder & Deputy Chairman

“I am a passionate programmer and technology nerd, keeping both eyes on the bleeding edge of technology and have always felt right at home sharing my passion with the rest of the team. I feel inspired when i am able to help someone in need or to improve the lives of others.”

Board Members

The advisors who help us shape the future of the hosting industry.

Konstantin picture
BoD member

Konstantin has an engineering degree and an international relations degree. He is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor who launched and successfully exited three technology companies. Konstantin invested in data management technologies, data analytics and hosting infrastructure.

Aleksandar picture
BoD member

Aleksandar is a Partner at the NV3 Fund and Investment Manager at NEVEQ II Fund – early stage VC funds investing in tech-enabled businesses. He is actively engaged in the investment, portfolio management and exit processes. Aleksandar is a BoD member and member of the M&A committee at four portfolio companies with global footprint and total revenue of over 50M. Previously, he was a Strategy Consultant at Roland Berger where he worked on various large-scale projects in CEE including internationalization strategy, strategic and business planning and market-entry projects.

Customer Service

The champions behind our 99%+ customer satisfaction.

George picture
Director of technical support

George is the Director of Technical Support Operations where he leads and motivates our talented customer support team. George and his team are responsible for delivering exceptional technical support, help and solutions to the customers of ScalaHosting.

Peter picture
Director of customer service

Peter has 15 years of experience in the hosting industry. He started as a sales representative for some of the major hosting companies and later on pursuit a career as a sales & customer service manager. His main expertise has since been focused on customer care.

Deyan picture
Technical support supervisor

Deyan is leading and mentoring the Technical Support Team performing staff reviews, communicating and adhering to new procedures, policies and goals. He is a strong information technology professional with a Bachelor's degree in Computer science. As a team leader, Deyan’s biggest goal is to help employees and the company grow quickly and efficiently.

Valentin picture
Technical support supervisor

Valentin is a Technical Support Lead and an experienced Linux System Administrator. He is responsible for the effective provisioning, installation/configuration, operation and maintenance of systems software and infrastructure.

ScalaHosting Headquarters

ScalaHosting USA HQ

Scala Hosting LLC,
1999 Bryan Street, Suite 900
Dallas, Texas 75201, USA

We do things differently. We want you to stick because you love our hosting,
not because you're locked in.

99% of our customers are happy. Here's what we guarantee...

30-day money-back guarantee


Many other hosts refuse to offer refunds and or simply close the window after 24 hours. We do things differently. You'll love our hosting - And if for some reason you're not 100% satisfied, we'll issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee


Thanks to our self-healing cloud infrastructure, our servers are capable of performing complex repairing and maintenance tasks automatically. Maximum uptime is guaranteed.

Never Blacklisted


When a compromised account on a shared server sends SPAM your IP gets blacklisted and your emails stop being delivered (or delivered to the spam/junk folder). Your server will come with a dedicated IP address which will never get blacklisted, and your emails will always reach your recipients.

Guaranteed Resources


Hosting providers cannot guarantee your website will always get the resources it needs to run smoothly. Any website may degrade the performance of the server at any time. Isolating your website from the crowd to its own server fixes that.

100% customer satisfaction


That's why we are ranked #1 in TrustPilot and WHTOP. Just search for "SCALA HOSTING REVIEWS" in Google and see what clients say about us, or simply read hundreds of glowing third-party reviews.

Build and Grow on the hosting that's faster, safer, and scalable.

Get started in minutes or contact our award-winning 24/7/365 expert support.

SEE PLANS Anytime money-back guarantee.