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Extension Registration Renewal Transfer
.com $16.95/year $16.95/year $16.95
.net $17.95/year $17.95/year $17.95
.org $16.95/year $16.95/year $16.95
.info $24.95/year $24.95/year $24.95
.eu $12.95/year $12.95/year $12.95
.biz $17.95/year $17.95/year $17.95
.de $10.95/year $10.95/year $10.95
.in $15.95/year $15.95/year $15.95 $14.95/year $14.95/year $14.95
.mn $49.95/year $49.95/year $49.95
.asia $19.95/year $19.95/year $19.95
.ca $17.95/year $17.95/year $17.95 $10.95/year $10.95/year $10.95 $11.95/year $11.95/year $11.95
.us $15.95/year $15.95/year $15.95 $15.95/year $15.95/year $15.95
.club $19.95/year $19.95/year $19.95

What Is A Domain Name?

Domain name

Whenever you want to open a website online, you open your browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), and you type the name of the website you want to visit in the address bar. That series of letters and/or numbers you type to visit a certain website is called a domain name. For example, the domain name of our website is Technically, a domain name is not required to reach a website since you can access a website by typing its IP address alone. If you type instead of, our website will open still. However, your clients will never trust your business or recognize your brand if you don’t own the domain name for it. In this day and age, you won’t find a single reputable online business that doesn’t own a domain name.

Free Features Included

DNS Management


When you register your domain name with Scala Hosting, you will also get access to an easy and efficient DNS management system for free. This is helpful when you are looking to point your domain name to a local web server, for example, but you don’t have your own DNS server. We provide you the option to use our own DNS server for free.

Domain Forwarding


Are you purchasing a secondary domain which you plan to point to a different domain, subdomain, or port? Scala Hosting gives you the option to forward your new domain name to another location with a hassle-free, easy-to-use forwarding tool.

E-mail Forwarding


Looking for a cool domain name for your e-mail inbox? When you register a domain name with Scala Hosting, you will be able to create an e-mail address and forward it to an external inbox service. This gives you the freedom to fully customize your e-mail experience and choose the services which fit your goals perfectly.