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SPanel VPS
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SPanel VPS cPanel VPS
Monthly Price
No extra cost
From $19.95 to $200+
Price LOCK Guarantee
Prices tend to increase every year
Host Unlimited Accounts/Websites
Additional cost
400+ Scripts 1-click Installer
Additional cost
Subusers & Collaborators
yes no
Real-time Malware Protection
yes no
Blacklists Monitoring & Removal
yes no
Powerful Caching with OpenLiteSpeed
yes no
Outbound SPAM Protection
yes no
Easy & Instant Access to Support
yes no
Developing New Features Policy
Users decide by voting
cPanel decides
Monthly Price
No extra cost
$19.95 to $200+
Ease of Use
5/5 5/5
Resource usage
Price Lock Guarantee
yes no
Security System
WordPress Manager
SWordPress Manager
NodeJS Manager
yes yes
Joomla Manager
yes no
2FA Authentication
yes yes
Create Unlimited Accounts
Additional cost
yes yes
Multiple PHP Versions
yes yes
Automated Backups
yes yes
Brute-force Protection
yes yes
Add New Features Policy
Users demand
cPanel decides
Apache Support
yes yes
Nginx Support
yes no
OpenLiteSpeed Support
yes no
LiteSpeed Enterprise Support
yes yes
CloudFlare CDN
yes yes
yes On request
On request On request
Static Content Compression
yes yes
HTTP/2 Support
yes yes
HTTP/3 Support
On request Extra cost
PHP-FPM Support
yes yes
MySQL Databases
yes yes
yes yes
Remote MySQL Access
yes yes
Free Let’s Encrypt SSL
yes yes
yes yes
yes yes
DNS Support
yes yes
FTP Support
yes yes
yes yes
Powerful API
yes yes
Add/Remove Email Accounts
yes yes
Change Email Password
yes yes
Add/Remove Email Forwarders
yes yes
Add/Remove Auto-responders
yes yes
Email Catch-all
yes yes
Email Disk Quotas
yes yes
Add/Remove Addon domains
yes yes
Add/Remove Subdomains
yes yes
DNS Editor
yes yes
Add/Remove FTP Accounts
yes yes
Generate a Full Account Backup
yes yes
Restore Files and Databases
yes yes
File Manager
yes yes
Cron Jobs Management
yes yes
PHP Version Manager
yes yes
Custom PHP.ini Editor
yes yes
Create an Account
yes yes
Terminate an Account
yes yes
Modify/upgrade an Account
yes yes
Suspend/unsuspend an Account
yes yes
Manage SSH Access
yes yes
List Accounts
yes yes
Change Username
yes yes
Change Main Domain
yes yes
Show Server Information
yes yes
Show Server Status
yes yes
Show MySQL Running Queries
yes yes
Restart a Service
yes yes
Restart a Server
yes yes
Datacenter locations
US, Europe, Asia US, Europe
Operating System
Rocky Linux OS AlmaLinux OS
Latest Software
yes yes
PHP 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
yes yes
Python support
yes yes
Apache Logs Access
yes yes
Mod_security protection
yes yes
GIT & SVN Support
yes yes
WordPress Cloning & Staging
yes no
WP CLI Support
yes yes
NodeJS support
yes yes
WHMCS integration
yes yes
SSH Access
yes yes

Get Started Quickly and Easily

Free, Effortless & Guaranteed Migration
Hassle-Free PrestaShop Online Store Migration
Online store migration should be a quick and easy task, painless for the end-user. That’s why our experts will take upon the task of transferring your website and ensuring it works perfectly on our PrestaShop hosting platform. The migration involves no downtimes or service interruptions.
24/7 Worry-Free Fully Managed Support
24/7 Professional Technical Support
Our PrestaShop CMS experts are always there when you need them. Do not hesitate to contact our support 24/7 via live chat (instant response) or ticket (15 min. initial response) with any questions or issues regarding your ecommerce website. Once with ScalaHosting - you are like family!
Free Domain & SSL Certificates
Free Domain Name & Free SSL Certificate
Get started quickly and easily with a free domain registration to quickly establish your ecommerce store brand. You can then protect all user and website data with the free SSL certificates from our partners of Let’s Encrypt.
Easy Website Management
Easy PrestaShop Installation and Management
Scala is a web hosting provider that always likes to go one step beyond. That’s why all our Cloud VPS plans are packed with SPanel - the unique platform that never stops growing. With it’s help, you will be able to install PrestaShop with a single click and operate an unlimited number of online store projects. cPanel is still available as an alternative option.

Increase Sales & SEO Ranking with a Faster Website

Magento runs best on LiteSpeed Enterprise
Prestashop runs best on LiteSpeed Enterprise
LiteSpeed performs MUCH better than Nginx and Apache when serving a cached Prestashop site.
High Performance with LiteMage Dynamic Caching
High Performance with LiteSpeed Caching
Combine powerful hardware, NVMe SSD storage space, self-healing cloud services, load balancing, managed clusters options, and a free CDN to get the most sophisticated ecommerce hosting solution for PrestaShop.

Reduce Security Risks

Real-time Malware Protection
Your online store is protected by all kinds of security threats and malware in real-time, with Scala’s very own SShield. Our cybersecurity tool blocks over 99.98% of all incoming web attacks and notifies you in case of vulnerabilities for your PrestaShop site.
On-Demand Security Scans
SShield monitors your websites in real-time and, by default, notifies you via email in case of a threat. Additionally, you can initiate on-demand security scans whenever you want with a single click. Your impenetrable PrestaShop CMS security is our prime task.
Disaster Recovery Backups
We generate free backups of all your data every day and store them in an offsite location to ensure you always have a disaster recovery solution even in the most extreme conditions. You can also back up and restore your data with a single click at any point.
24/7 Proactive Monitoring
We can keep an eye on your PrestaShop cloud hosting server to ensure it runs optimally at all times. This includes monitoring all services such as the files, database, email and DNS servers, the load average, the outgoing emails flow, and more. Our support team proactively takes actions to avoid potential problems and threats to your online store.

Have Your Emails Always Reach the Recipient Inbox

Blacklists Monitoring & Protection
We keep your server IP clean and with a good reputation. The IP address is monitored very closely and immediate actions are taken in case it falls into a blacklist.
Inbound/Outbound anti-SPAM Tools
Filter and block inbound email messages and restrict outbound spam with the built-in, sophisticated anti-SPAM protection tools.
Dedicated IP Address
A dedicated IP significantly reduces the risk of your IP falling into a blacklist and your emails never reaching the destination Inbox.

Grow Your Online PrestaShop Store with a Scalable Cloud VPS

Upgrade/Downgrade Anytime
Never lose website visitors, even at the busiest sales season. Upgrade your PrestaShop hosting server with enough CPU power, RAM, and bandwidth to handle all incoming traffic with the best possible performance.
Guaranteed CPU & RAM
The CPU, RAM, and storage space are not shared with anyone else. Everything is reserved for your PrestaShop site, which guarantees consistent performance and optimal page loading speeds 24/7/365.
Never Run Out of Server Resources
More CPU power, RAM, and NVMe SSD disk space are just a click away. Upgrade your PrestaShop hosting whenever you need more resources for your online store.
Managed Cluster Options
Don’t want to lose sales in case your server suddenly fails? A managed cluster consists of a minimum of 5 interconnected servers. In such a setup, your PrestaShop store continues to operate normally when a server goes offline, and even if the data center itself was affected.

Run a Large PrestaShop Online Store on a Managed Cluster

Powerful Tools for Agencies & Webmasters

Staging, SSH & GIT
Enjoy powerful tools that make managing your PrestaShop site so much easier.
Subusers & Collaborators
Assign roles, manage collaborators, and make your online store management much more efficient.
Branding & White-label
Amaze your customers by branding the control panel with your company name and logo.
Private Name Servers (DNS)
Get ns1 and private nameservers to further establish your brand.
4.8 from 250 reviews
4.6 from 164 reviews

Effortlessly Manage a High Performing VPS like a Pro

- even without any previous skills

Perfect for web developers, online store owners, and teams who don’t have the time or skills to manage their servers.

Anytime Unconditional Money-back Guarantee.

PrestaShop FAQs

  • What is PrestaShop hosting?

    PrestaShop hosting is a type of service that is optimized to meet all of the requirements of ecommerce websites. Think of things like consistently fast performance, high security, and resource scalability. All those are a must if you are on a mission to grow your online store to its fullest potential. On top of that, you have features such as developer friendly environment, and GIT & SSH access are great additions for experienced users and are all included with the ScalaHosting VPS plans.

  • What are the benefits of PrestaShop hosting on a Cloud VPS?

    PrestaShop hosting plans are optimized for the best possible performance, security, and scalability for online stores. As shared hosting proves insufficient for growing ecommerce websites, ScalaHosting highly recommends a cloud VPS environment.

    Consistent Performance

    The VPS “lives” in the cloud and delivers consistent performance due to the dedicated and guaranteed CPU power, RAM, and storage.

    High Security

    Your PrestaShop site runs in a secure, dedicated, and isolated cloud hosting environment, giving you full control over customizations.


    Additional CPU cores, RAM, and storage space are one click away. Never again lose visitors because your server is low on resources.

    Learn more in the video below which shows the difference between VPS hosting and shared hosting.

  • How do I choose the best PrestaShop hosting provider?

    While there is no single right answer ti the question “who is the best PrestaShop hosting provider?”, there are some good indications you should look for.

    For starters, make sure the host offers an environment that is optimized for ecommerce sites. Online stores often require more system resources than standard websites, so you could do with a scalable plan that will allow you to add CPU/RAM on the go. You have to ensure your online business is safe enough from malware and web attacks. Be it with some self-developed solution (like ScalaHosting’s SShield) or a set of security measures (like SSL certificates) - don’t just leave your ecommerce site out in the open. Finally, any reliable PrestaShop host should be ready to offer a well-trained team of experts that are always available for assistance, even if you have some technical expertise with the CMS.

  • How to choose the right PreshaShop web hosting plan?

    If you already have an ecommerce store with another hosting provider, you can use it’s current statistics and resource usage as a base of what to look for when switching. As a rule of thumb, always make sure to have more than what you need, both in terms of server resources and security features.

    If you are starting from scratch with the PrestaShop CMS, the first two plans should be sufficient enough to get your online store going. You can adjust your CPU/RAM on the go as your project grows.

  • Do you offer AWS PrestaShop hosting?

    You may select one of the AWS data centers to power your PrestaShop hosting solution. ScalaHosting partners with AWS and allows customers to choose between multiple data center locations in the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

  • Can I upgrade my PrestaShop VPS?

    Your PrestaShop hosting is cloud-native and features true scalability. You can add more CPU cores, RAM, or storage space with a single click. The extra resources are instantly available.

  • Can I transfer my PrestaShop online store to ScalaHosting?

    Absolutely! The first step is to sign up for the PrestaShop hosting plan that best suits your needs and then open a ticket with technical support to request the data migration. We only need the login details to your old server and the exact time when you want us to start the process. We will transfer your PrestaShop store for free, without downtime, and we will also verify the website loads correctly on the new server.

  • Will my online store be down during the migration?

    There is no downtime during the migration. Your website will continue to function normally during and after the transfer is completed. Once our support team ensures your PrestaShop site functions correctly on our server - they will notify you to point the domain name to Scala.

  • How long will it take to migrate my PrestaShop site to ScalaHosting?

    Most often the migration of a PrestaShop CMS website takes less than 2 hours. That includes transferring all your data – files, emails, databases - and verifying your online store loads correctly from the ScalaHosting server.

  • Will ScalaHosting help me if I have technical issues with my PrestaShop hosting?

    ScalaHosting will always go out and beyond to help you resolve any technical issues related to our PrestaShop hosting platform. You can always rely on the ScalaHosting technical support to assist with questions and issues concerning your server, domain name, SSL certificate, and anything hosting related.

  • How does the 24/7 technical support work?

    You can find technical assistance 24/7 with ScalaHosting for all your PrestaShop CMS questions. Our support team can be found through our live chat app (instant response) or via the ticketing system inside your web hosting account (15 min. initial response). Our experts undergo regular training to improve their communication and efficiency, so you always get friendly and timely assistance. That is just one of the reasons why ScalaHosting is top-rated on TrustPilot and several other review platforms as one of the best managed cloud hosting providers.

  • Can you help me with the PrestaShop installation?

    The PrestaShop CMS is one of over 400 apps available for free installation in Softaculous, the one-click installer that comes with all SPanel and cPanel plans. Setting up an ecommerce site this way takes no more than a couple of minutes and a few mouse clicks.

    Alternatively, you can always request a PrestaShop installation from our support team, and we will be sure to assist in the quickest possible time. No extra charges are applied, and you will be notified via email once the setup is complete.

  • Can I host multiple PrestaShop sites with ScalaHosting?

    You can host as many websites as you want on your cloud PrestaShop hosting service. There are no restrictions and our support will gladly help you with a PrestaShop installation or any other software you’ve chosen to power your online project.

  • How to grow my PrestaShop online store?

    If you are on a mission to grow your PrestaShop website, you need to start optimizing your pages for optimal speed, SEO, and user experience. The first step is to select the right web hosting environment to complement your chosen software and its requirements.. You can learn from the best by watching the webinar “Behind The SEO and Web Development Curtain” with Eric Enge (author of The Art of SEO), Brian Teeman (co-founder of Joomla), and Vlad Georgiev (author of SPanel).

  • How long does it take to activate my PrestaShop hosting account?

    Your PrestaShop hosting service is activated instantly and you can launch your online store in minutes. Just click on the button below to get started.