Make Sales Easy

It’s easy to sell and earn affiliate commissions when our prices for managed VPS are the most competitive in the world. We mean it!


$200 vs $29.95

You can earn up to $200 for a single transaction as low as $29.95. That’s what makes ScalaHosting affiliate program the highest payout scheme in the hosting industry available today.


Earn Trust

This is even more important than receiving the highest payouts in the hosting industry. Your audience will trust you more when you promote a trusted company, ranked #1 by TrustPilot, and top-ranked by all Google page #1 hosting directories and review websites.


Long cookie lifetime

Even if your leads don't purchase immediately after clicking your link, we have you covered with our 60 days cookie lifetime


Start Earning More Today

ScalaHosting has an industry-leading product, customer satisfaction (99%+), AND commission. Get paid up to $200 for every sale you make!

VPS hosting 1 TO 3 4 TO 9 10+
$120 $160 $200
Web hosting 1 TO 5 6 TO 10 11 TO 20 21+
$50 $80 $100 Custom
VPS hosting
1 TO 3 4 TO 9
$120 $160
Web hosting
1 TO 5 6 TO 10
$50 $80
11 TO 20 21+
$100 Custom
Not just ready to be an affiliate yet? Check out our referral program.

A Comprehensive Platform Designed for High-Performing Partnerships

Become a ScalaHosting Affiliate in 3 Easy Steps

If your audience relates to ours, you’ll advertise a product that you'd actually recommend and your customers will love. And it's easy to get started.



Once approved, you can start promoting our services immediately. Create affiliate links, use our promotional banners or exclusive deals available in your personal dashboard.



Earn high-paying commissions fast with our short withhold period of 45 days. Also, the more you refer, the more you earn with our tired commission groups.

Affiliate Program FAQ

  • Do I have to be a ScalaHosting customer in order to become an affiliate?

    You don’t have to be a customer in order to become an affiliate. However, being familiar with our service helps you understand and promote it better, therefore you can always request a free test account. Just shoot us an email on [email protected] and we will set you up.

  • How to make the most out of our partnership?

    Please check our affiliate guide which will help you get started on the basics. Also, each of our affiliates has a dedicated affiliate manager. We will be more than happy to jump on a call with you and discuss how we can best cooperate. If you’d like a one on one meeting, please email us on [email protected]. We will get back to you shortly!

  • What is the difference between our Affiliate and Referral Programs?

    If you'd like to consistently recommend us or market our Hosting services to your audience, then our Affiliate program is your best bet. It is the highest payout program in the industry, with an industry-leading product.

    If you'd like to recommend us to someone particularly, like a friend, co-worker or a family member, then we suggest you do it through our Referral program - you can start instantly, and you don't have to apply.

  • How long does it take for a sale to show up in my account?

    Any sales made via your affiliate link will show up immediately in the Reports section of your affiliate account. You can access your commissions report under Reports > Commissions in your affiliate area.

  • I've made a sale. How and when will I be paid?

    Once your earned commissions have reached or exceeded our minimum payout amount, you will be paid on or before the 10th of the month following our standard 45 days withhold period. For example, if your approved commission occurs on the 1st of January, the 45 days withhold period will end on the 14th of February, which means you will receive an automated payment from us on or before the 10th of March. In case the triggering date happens to be a Saturday, Sunday or a US national holiday, the effective date will be the first one after.

  • What is the minimum payout amount for the affiliate program?

    The minimum payout for our affiliate program is $100.

  • Can I promote you through pay-per-click search engines?

    Pay-per-click advertising practices are allowed as long as they do not violate our Terms of Service. Our affiliates are not allowed to bid on corporate and brand keywords like “Scalahosting”, “SPanel”, “SShield” “SWordPress Manager” and “Scala hosting”, phrases featuring those keywords, any variations or misspelled versions.

  • I know someone who needs hosting. How do I earn a referral fee?

    We do not consider such sales as affiliate sales, but we have a referral program which you can join if you want to refer your friends or clients and be paid for it. For more information contact us on [email protected].

  • Can my commissions go towards my hosting costs?

    Yes. Simply contact us on [email protected] in case you have such a request.

  • Can I use my affiliate link for self-referrals on accounts I'll use for personal use?

    No. Such practices are strictly forbidden in the Terms of Service of our affiliate program and can lead to account termination.


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