Being in the web hosting industry for over 10 years we know that security is the biggest problem nowadays. With open-source platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Opencart, Magento and hundreds others, it is much easier for hackers to compromise websites especially when they are using shared web hosting.

Google statistics confirm that security is the biggest issue today and people start to pay more attention to it. That’s why ScalaHosting has decided to build its own security solution called SShield which will provide a new level of protection for each website hosted with us.

What Is SShield?

What is SShield?

The main purpose of SShield is to protect your websites from attacks. It successfully blocks 99.998% of the attacks online.

SShield monitors all websites on the server in real-time. Should a hack occurs SShield knows about it and takes the necessary actions to gather information about the hack, prepares a report and sends it to the website owner. It includes information in the report about how to fix the vulnerability in the website and make it secure.

How Does It Work?

SShield monitors all activity in every website 24/7/365. If malicious activity occurs the system catches it immediately. Then it gathers information about the compromise to prepare a detailed report to send to the owner and allow them to start securing and fixing the vulnerability immediately before anything worse happens.

How does it work?

Why Is SShield Unique?

The security system is unique because it is 100% automated with artificial intelligence built in (machine intelligence). It is not like all other security systems available out there relying on a virus database or hashes to catch malware. SShield follows logic, inspects code and processes to catch malicious activity. It can see which is the legitimate traffic and behavior and can find abnormal and unusual behavior.

Why is SShield unique?

Why Every Website Needs SShield?

SShield blocks 99.998% of the attacks and notifies website owners should a hack occurs. If it is the second, SShield does not block access to the affected account like other hosting companies usually do. It sends a notification and gives the website owner a reasonable amount of time to resolve the problem without disrupting the functionality of their website. SShield performs checks regularly to find out if the vulnerability in the affected website has been resolved and automatically closes the security case when that happens.

Why Every Website Needs SShield?

How SShield Catches Malicious Behavior?

For decades personal computers and servers are protected by security systems which rely on databases with virus hashes which they use to perform scans and catch malicious code and activity. That is not a great idea because when different/new malicious code infects your website or server, you will not know until the hash of that code is added to your virus database.

To fix that SShield uses artificial intelligence to detect malicious behavior in the running processes on the server and in the files of your website. It monitors both processes and files in real-time 24/7/365.

By following logic and using machine intelligence SShield detects malicious behavior automatically, dynamically and most importantly without the need of a virus database that someone has to update daily with the newest viruses that hackers release.

How SShield catches malicious behavior?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • SShield is another one of ScalaHosting's custom-developed solutions. Proactively responding to the rising cybersecurity threats, this server monitoring tool watches over your network and detects any potential risks. The system recognizes over 99.998% of all known web attacks and immediately notifies the server owner, allowing them to react to the threat quickly and effectively.

  • SShield is an integral part of the SPanel hosting management platform, and as such, comes at no added cost to the client. The ScalaHosting Support Team takes care of all initial configurations and ensures that SShield functions properly and with optimal settings.

  • SShield is AI-powered and relies on machine learning to improve efficiency. This means that as the system encounters new types of attacks, it practically learns from itself, updating its database of known vulnerabilities. As soon as the system detects suspicious traffic or server behavior - it sends a notification to the webmaster in charge, giving a brief of the issue and possible solutions to fix it.

  • Absolutely! SShield is 24/7 active and monitors your servers even when you're asleep. The system is 100% automated, giving you a much-needed peace of mind when you have to be offline.

  • No extra configurations are needed from the client's side. All SPanel users get SShield as part of their hosting plan, and our experienced technicians will take care of everything related to the software setup.