What is The Difference Between Addon Domain, Parked Domain, and Subdomain

Most internet users are familiar with primary domains, but did you know that there are various internet domains

A primary domain is a domain registered to the hosting account of a website.

Some of the domain types include:

  • Addon domains
  • Parked domains
  • Subdomains

What is an Addon Domain?

An addon domain is a functional secondary domain that users create from their web hosting control panel, and they do not need to register a new domain name to host it. This domain contains a unique site hosted in a new folder within the public folder on their hosting account. ScalaHosting enables users to host multiple domains from one control panel depending on your package limits.

The primary domain hosts the associated addon domain files, but the addon domain has its own directory and acts as an independent project. Users can create databases, email addresses, and forwarders for their addon domain. Additionally, addon domains do not have to be related to the main domain in any form.

How does an Addon Domain Work?

When a user creates an addon domain, three major things happen:

  • The web hosting control panel creates a folder in the account’s home directory.
  • It sets up a DNS zone for the addon domain.
  • It associates the new addon domain name with the new folder.

Advantages of an Addon Domain

  • Users only need one hosting account to host different addon domains depending on their limits, and they can manage all websites under the same control panel.
  • The addon domain has its own directory, FTP accounts, site statistics, etc., but they use the main account’s server resources like bandwidth and disk space.
  • Users can access their addon domain with different website addresses from their primary name.

What is a Parked Domain?

A parked domain is a registered but inactive domain name not associated with any website or email hosting service. They are referred to as Aliases in cPanel, and users usually park domain names for later use.

How does a Parked Domain Work?

Businesses and Individuals park their domains for a variety of reasons. Some of them include;

Domain Name Reservation

One of the major reasons users park domains is to reserve the name for future use because good domain names go quickly. Most users register domain names before having any idea for a website. 

Extra Development Time

Most businesses register their domain names first before beginning the website development process. This way, they can park their domain easily while concentrating on creating a perfect website.

Additional Income Generation

A parked domain does not have to be empty. Users can choose to monetize their parked domain to generate income while it is not in use. Most business-savvy users display advertisements on parked domains to earn extra income.

Cybersquatting Protection

Many established companies deal with cybersquatters regularly, so most of them register all variants and trademarks of their brand in a bid to protect their name. This also creates a good impression for your visitors that you are willing to protect your brand and company image.

Advantages of a Parked Domain

  • Users can employ targeted ads to convert sales on their parked domains.
  • Domain parking requires minimal setup and increases the value of the primary domain.
  • Businesses and individuals can earn extra income from their parked domains.
  • Users do not need to commit to any domain parking contract.
  • Parked domains do not require maintenance.

What is a Subdomain?

A subdomain is a supplementary part of the domain name that people use to create different websites running simultaneously. Businesses can use it to categorize their website into different sections according to functionality. 

Subdomains enable users to create backlinks to the main domain to increase their traffic and employ different themes to create webpages. 

How does a Subdomain work?

Subdomains act like domains as they have website addresses that the DNS translates into IP addresses, which are then used to load up a website.

Advantages of a Subdomain

  • Search engines view subdomains as individual websites.
  • Subdomains increase traffic and search engine optimization.
  • Subdomains enable users to have complete control of their local content.
  • Subdomains offer both internal and external linking.

Addon Domains vs Parked Domains vs Subdomains

Businesses that want to target various audiences can opt for subdomains, while addon domains are suitable for users with personal accounts or testing environments. On the other hand, pretty much everyone can use parked domains to redirect different domains to one website.

ScalaHosting offers all types of domains with varying extensions, so feel free to contact us if you want to take advantage.

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